All These Simple Things

Lee Rosevere
Paraules clau
jazz, instrumental, ambient
After completing my over-the-top conceptual space prog-rock album Lion on the Beach (by the Electric Amygdala), I wanted to write new material, but this time approach it in the exact opposite manner. I limited myself instrumentally to solo piano (which ended being augmented by strings on a few tracks) and deliberately tried to compose as simply as possible. I didn't overthink anything, or stop myself if the melodies seemed too cheesy, or if it seemed I was dangerously close to new-age Narada territory. And when the song felt finished, I stopped. The last few tracks have a little more of an ambient feel to them, as I started to experiment with layering the piano sounds, which seemed to go against the concept of keeping it simple - and that will probably be the basis of the next ambient album, whenever that may happen. "Memories Again" is a slightly longer version of the same song that appears on Music For Malls.
All These Simple Things

2020 - Pirates de Catalunya - versió 0.0.1 (repositori)

Pirates de Catalunya es un partit polític part d'un moviment internacional. El nostre ideari té quatre eixos fonamentals: els drets humans, la democràcia directa, la transparència i les dades obertes, i l'accés a la cultura, el coneixement i la informació. Vols saber què pensem? Llegeix el nostre ideari!

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